In the last DeFi summer, we have experienced many DEX aggregators like 1inch, Matcha, ParaSwap, and etc., and they played an important role in our daily trading life for us to get a better price and less fee.

By the way, I always have an opinion that the value ceiling of tool type crypto assets is lower than infrastructure type crypto assets, because the value of tool type crypto assets relies on the evolution ability to prove the irreplaceability. It’s difficult. …

After suffering a great loss at Cover protocol last month because of the black swan event, my mind has always been in a mess. Anyways, I pretty appreciate my friends who gave me comforts in the first place. Life is full of regrets.

To begin with, I must admit that I was not really into researching projects before this accident — it’s kind of path dependence and overconfidence, which may lead some inaccurate judgments in the following article. All personal opinions are biased, so please focus more on methodology than final outcomes.

Another disclaimer is that this methodology does not…

Since June of this year, we are experiencing a bull run in the crypto markets led by DeFi and we have seen more and more projects arriving on the scene. Token prices have pumped and dumped, sometimes manipulated by whales. Some made money, some lost and suffered. We may be tired of looking at projects because we can’t easily earn money by researching fundamentals. But here is my warm reminder, projects can be forked or copied but the essence can’t.

Okay, now Let’s go to the point.

An article recently written by Multicoin Capital introduces the landscape of DeFi today



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